Ana's Craft


Ana A uses classical tools and methods to carve, paint, and shape each piece. Which allows the material to lead and determine the designs and final shapes created.​

11 layers of woods are glued and bent for 24-36 hours to harden, then cut in to shape. Machine and hand sanding are used to smooth and shape the frames. Some of the accessories are made of wooden blocks and resin then finished with natural waxes and linseed oil blend.



All woods are sourced from sustainable operations in Colombia, certified by the FSC and Fedemaderas Colombia. We also have a line with recycled wood and use it in almost all of the frames. Some woods are removed from discarded bark, recycled, and then repurposed to create a unique and original piece of art.

The woods are layered and cured in a wax blend of linseed oil, paraffin, and turpentine.

Vegan  leather

Piñatex is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, PLA, and petroleum-based resin. Piñatex was developed by Dr Carmen Hijosa.


Painted Canvas

Ana's mother, Ana Mimi, paints on canvas to make walking art! She use acrylics and embroidery on the canvas.